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Nike’s JUMPMAN jumping for joy

The question of how much, and how widespread, use of a trade mark must be in order to maintain a European Union Trade Mark has been the subject of controversy in the past few years. A recent decision ..

Brexit and trade marks? The facts

We are now four weeks on from the UK’s vote to withdraw from the EU. Despite the vote, it is important to appreciate that there will be no immediate change to the UK’s relationship with the EU ..

Changes to Registered Design Renewal fees

Following a consultation at the start of the year, the Government intends to significantly reduce the official renewal fees for UK Registered Designs. Subject to agreement, the following changes to th..

Business as usual at Cleveland IP

Following the UK’s vote to withdraw from the European Union (EU) you may wonder how this will affect the patent and trade mark services we provide. The process of the UK leaving the EU will be a ..

Series trade marks are valid

Following the decision in February 2016 (see here for the detail) that Twentieth Century Fox Corporation (Fox) infringed the series trade mark of Comic Enterprises Limited (CEL), the Court of Appeal h..

Not so ‘SORRY’ – Bieber accused

A copyright infringement action has commenced in the the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee (allegedly already known for issuing a number of controversial copyright rulings) by a..