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The recent IPEC decision in Sofaworks has caused confusion around the question of genuine use of a mark in the EU and the threshold for retaining a CTM registration which is vulnerable to non-use revo..

Ukulele trade mark battle

The UK court recently held that concerts staged by the United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra (UKUO) amounted to passing off in respect of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (UOGB). Both orchestras f..

Unitary Patent renewal fees: business friendly or overpriced?

Users of the European patent system have been waiting to hear how much it will cost to take advantage of the Unitary Patent once it comes into effect. The main issue is the level at which renewal fee..

Budget sheds no light on Patent Box reforms

As mentioned in our recent update, the existing patent box scheme will be closed to new applicants after June 2016. Thus there is little time for a revised scheme to be finalised. There was hope of so..

Speedy Patents

In the past few years there have been significant increases in the numbers of patent applications being filed around the world, putting pressure on the patent system. A couple of schemes have been i..

Patent Box Update

Patent Box is a UK tax regime for providing tax breaks to companies who profit from patented inventions. Under Patent Box, corporation tax on these profits may be reduced from 20% to 10%. The scheme w..