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Cluttering of the Trade Mark Register is Real

The UK Intellectual Property Office recently published (IPO report) the results of a research exercise conducted into the question of whether the trade mark register is “cluttered” i.e. is overly ..

UPC court location

The Unified Patent Court (UPC), once established, will have a central division based in Paris, London and Munich. Local and regional divisions may also be established in member states. The UK Intel..

The Shape of the Lego Figurine is Upheld as a Valid CTM

The General Court (GC) in case T 395/14 recently upheld the validity of Lego’s Community trade mark (CTM) for the shape of its figurine. The case follows on the heels of the decision of the Court..

European patents in Africa

The task of the European Patent Office is to grant European patents.  So, it is somewhat surprising that these “European” patents can now be extended into an African country.  Since 1 March 2015..

Copyright in Company Logos

In the recent IPEC case of Atelir v Kilnworx, the Judge decided that if logo designs are commissioned specifically for a company’s use, that company may be “equitably entitled” to copyright owne..


The recent IPEC decision in Sofaworks has caused confusion around the question of genuine use of a mark in the EU and the threshold for retaining a CTM registration which is vulnerable to non-use revo..