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Defender of Rights – Jaguar Land Rover

In a recent High Court action , the British car manufacturer, Jaguar Land Rover, sued the Canadian car manufacturer, Bombardier, for selling an off-road vehicle in the UK under the name “Defender”..

New member joins patent team

We recently welcomed Khushbu Solanki, a Technical Assistant, to the team. Khushbu will be working closely with Adrian Bradley, preparing a filing patent applications and working on prosecution betw..

Deborah Lowther joins Cleveland IP

We are very pleased to welcome experienced Patent Attorney Deborah Lowther to our team. Deborah joins Cleveland IP with more than 25 years’ experience in private practice and in industry. Her CV ..

Nike’s JUMPMAN jumping for joy

The question of how much, and how widespread, use of a trade mark must be in order to maintain a European Union Trade Mark has been the subject of controversy in the past few years. A recent decision ..

Brexit and Registered EU Designs

At the moment designers can apply to the EU Intellectual Property Office to obtain EU-wide registered protection for their designs. Brexit has however created some uncertainty surrounding these EU des..

Protecting EU trade marks post Brexit

The UK’s exit from the EU is still likely a number of years away. When it does leave, however, it could well be the case that new EU trade marks will no longer have any protection in the UK. In esse..